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Herb is a great coach and very knowledgeable about boxing and fitness. I would recommend Eight Count Boxing to everyone no matter what your level of boxing or fitness. 


Chris L.



Best experience I've had working out! You'll sweat more than ever but enjoy it at the same time. Awesome coaches that only help you want to improve every day. You can literally feel your body change and get stronger with every work out!


Norma M.



This place is legit. I'd had a kickboxing instructor long ago who had ruined me for every other place I'd been since until I walked in Eight Count. For the first time in years, I met an instructor who knew what he was doing and knew how to inspire all his students to want to work harder and come back tomorrow and do it again. My standards were very high, but Mr Fulton is an amazing trainer and the facility is top notch. 


Erin M.



My son has been learning how to box. The atmosphere is friendly and productive. Everyone helps each other and the owner Herb is great at instructions for both young and old. You can tell he really enjoys being there- and it shows in the self confidence that the kids have. My son is gaining strength and confidence- we are going to continue boxing for many years to come.


Eileen G.



Enjoyed the personal attention and variety of workouts provided at Eight Count.


Amy B.



Our teenage son has been going to Eight Count for a couple years and we are beyond impressed with Herb and his facility. Herb's commitment to his members and the community is beyond first class. Herb truly cares about helping people strengthen both physically and mentally, and he always leads from the front by example. Our family HIGHLY recommends Eight Count and Herb.


Mr R.



My daughter is enrolled in the kids program and really likes it. She is more confident and definitely stronger and faster. The gym is very clean and the staff is very professional. I have not done the workouts, but I see them on the whiteboard when I am there and they look amazing and tough!


Rain C.



Amazing experience here! I worked out here while attending college nearby. Classes where always intense but fun. I would recommend Eight Count Boxing and Fitness to anyone looking to get into shape while having fun doing it.


Maya A.



Eight Count Boxing is an amazing gym for beginners and seasoned veterans of fitness alike. The awesome coaches are dedicated to improving the fitness of the gym members. The community is friendly and supportive. Try it out!


Valentin C.



Everyone at eight count is very helpful. Herb and his staff make you feel welcome, its a family atmosphere and essentially a 1 on 1 workout every time. The workouts are noted on the daily grind board and easy to follow. the cleanest boxing Gym I have ever visited.


Johnny J.



Eight Count Boxing is a well-run boxing gym. It is clean and has all the equipment you need to do a great boxing workout. They have a boxing ring for practice and sparring. My experience has been that the staff and other patrons are always very friendly.


Tony S.



Herb and his entire team are amazing. They give special attention to each person and constantly motivate you through each workout.


Stephanie C.



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PLACE! Walking through these doors every single day is nothing short of being the best work out you have ever had. The greatest part of it all, is coming here is more than just a work out, it's just like spending time with family. The environment, the atmosphere - it all enables you to feel more motivated, push you to want to be healthy and teaches my kids that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and confidence.


Stephanie L.



Boxing has taken my fitness to a new level. Better stamina, coordination and strength. Thanks Coach Herb!


Hope VH