Eight Count Boxing and Fitness Club Inc. is a locally owned and operated fitness club in Georgetown, Texas. We offer a total conditioning system that is designed for those who expect to be pushed harder than what your typical "everyday" gym offers.


With ownership on site, we are totally responsive to your wants and needs in both service and program content. We are committed to being the leader in the boxing/fitness ring. We know that to have a successful business we must put our customers first – and that’s what we do.



Eight Count Boxing and Fitness Club Inc. was an idea based on my life's experience. After retiring from the United States Army at the age of 40,  I began to pack on unecessary weight. During my Army days I held a steady weight of 175-180 pounds. Then, well before I knew it my lean 5'7" frame was supporting up to almost 240 pounds! It wasn't until my (enter year) annual VA physical that I realizedhow bad things really were. The physcian came back with a horrible report; my cholesterol was bad, blood pressure through the roof and my only saving grace would be medications I'd have to take for the rest of my life. It got me thinking not so much about myself but others would be directly affected should my physical condition send me to an early grave. Faced with the challenges of poor health dictating the rest of my life, I knew I had to make a change.


Within a week, I made my way to the local recreation center to work out. While on the elliptical machine saw a young man walk by wearing a boxing jacket. It immediately brought flashbacks of my boxing days as a teen and then as a young man in the Army. I knew that weight training would probably put on extra pounds I didn't need and weight loss would be even more difficult to accomplish. I found the gym named on that young man's jacket located in Jarrell Texas. I started training at that gym as if my life depended on it (which it did) and after one month I saw dramatic results. My trainer asked if I would like to compete again, my answer was a definite yes and the rest is history. In about nine months I went from 240 pounds to 165 pounds. I went on to win six World championships as an amateur Master boxer. Although still competing, for six years I've volunteered teaching others how to both compete and for non boxers overcome almost anything in life through physical fitness, and now I'd like to help you accomplish the same.  


                                                                AIBA trained for professionals.